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Since 2010, I decided to go on my own, starting the Law Offices of Dennis M. Moskal in the U.S. Steel Tower.  For the last decade, I decided to narrow my practice to represent Plaintiffs (injured parties) with their employment cases.  I became known as the Termination-Doctor and Harassment-Doctor since I handled cases in which people unlawfully were terminated from their jobs.  I needed to go where my heart is.  Currently, I have further narrowed my practice to focus on sexual harassment cases to the exclusion of other cases.

As an attorney that’s in his 50s, I see objectionable male behavior all around me. On the roads, there are those men that tailgate you and expect everyone to immediately get out of their way. At the gym, there are men that seem to grunt louder and drop and clang their weights for all to hear.

There is a certain allure to the big law firm with many attorneys, but I will tell you that its not necessarily a benefit. When you go to a typical large Law Firm , what are you getting? You are paying for that beautiful setting, which has spiral staircases, multiple long conference rooms with beautiful views of the city, and spacious corner offices for the partners.  The big law firm might also include multiple attorneys working on your case that are pressured to meet billables.  You might even have multiple attorneys discussing your case and receive a bill for all of them for the same hour consultation.

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