Are You One of the “Me-Too”?

In the past year or so, the media has seen an overwhelming movement of speaking out against sexual harassment in the work place. It may be your turn to speak out. Let me be the voice that speaks for you!

You don’t have to put up with the Old Boy’s Club. If you are one of the “Me-Too,” we’d like to hear from you by calling (412) 992-0948 or emailing [email protected]. Try the SPF- style of legal representation.  From Start-To-Finish, one person handles your case from complaint to trial.  Delegating duties from one associate to the next creates chaos and wreaks havoc on your time and wallet.

The “Me-Too” movement is empowering women to show that they have a voice and business as usual in a sexually hostile work environment is not acceptable. It’s your time to step up to these sexually bullying men and let my law firm be your voice!

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